About LineByLine

How does LineByLine work?

Like many memorization aids, LineByLine uses a form of spaced repetition. This strategy is based on predicting the best time for you to review something you're trying to memorize. As you review texts, LineByLine asks for each line whether you remembered it correctly. Your answers determine when each line is scheduled for its next review. As your memory improves, reviews are scheduled further and further into the future so you can continue adding new material without being overwhelmed by reviewing old material.

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What makes LineByLine different from flash card software?

Flash card software like Anki and Mnemosyne is built around facts: small chunks of information that appear in no particular order. Typically these facts have short answers to questions such as: “On what date did Lincoln deliver his Gettysburg Address?” Facts have no intrinsic order and can be reviewed at random. In contrast to this, LineByLine is optimized for memorizing texts. To this end, LineByLine has you review lines in order, and it makes the words in each line disappear gradually as your memory improves. These subtle differences make LineByLine a better method for memorizing texts than you could achieve with a traditional flash card program.

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I found a problem or have a suggestion. What should I do?

Bug reports, feature requests, and user feedback are always welcome at feedback@linebyline.app.

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What data does LineByLine collect?

For all users, LineByLine saves the data for each text you add. This includes the actual words in the text as well as various bits of data for each line, such as the answer history, score, memorization curve, time of last review, and other numbers needed for the spaced repetition algorithm. All your data is associated with a random user ID.

In order to better understand how people use the app, LineByLine may collect basic information that your browser automatically sends to our servers, such as your IP address or your browser's User-Agent string. Any tracking of this sort is done in a manner that respects your privacy and does not rely on obtrusive tracking scripts.

For users who have an account, in addition to the above data we store your username and password. Your password is encrypted in such a way that it is impossible for anyone (even us) to unscramble it. If you choose to provide it, your email address is also stored. Your email address is only used if you go through the password reset process. LineByLine does not and will not sell or distribute user information to anyone.

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Where does LineByLine store my data?

LineByLine uses Amazon Web Services both to host this web site and to securely store all data. AWS publishes their own Data Privacy Policy, which governs the services LineByLine uses.

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Who runs LineByLine?

Eight Squared Software LLC is responsible for creating and maintaining LineByLine.

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